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Round numbers: A fingerprint of fraud

amounts reported on financial statements are sometimes rounded to the nearest million.

In financial accounting, the income statement is designed to show summaries of financial activity on a quarterly or annual basis. There may be footnotes in an income statement that describe specific cash purchases, but this is not a reliable source for specific line-item details. The cash flow statement is linked to the income statement by net profit or net burn, which is the first line item of the cash flow statement. The profit or loss on the income statement is then used to calculate cash flow from operations. Another technique, called the direct method, can also be used to prepare the cash flow statement. In this case, the money received is subtracted from the money spent to calculate net cash flow.

amounts reported on financial statements are sometimes rounded to the nearest million.

AU-C Section 240.A59 states that smaller misstatements, even with a cumulative effect that is not material, may indicate a risk of material misstatement due to fraud. Auditors need to consider whether the sum of the smaller amounts add up to a material amount, and auditors also need to pay attention to qualitative considerations in their evaluation of the materiality of uncorrected misstatements. The failure to detect bribes has implications related to contingent liabilities. In USA v. Rolls-Royce (2016), the company was found to have paid out $35 million in bribes to officials in several countries from 1989 to 2013.

Cash Flow Statement

As an example of a clearly immaterial item, you may have prepaid $100 of rent on a post office box that covers the next six months; under the matching principle, you should charge the rent to expense over six months. However, the amount of the expense is so small that no reader of the financial statements will be misled if you charge the entire $100 to expense in the current period, rather than spreading it over the usage period. In fact, if the financial statements are rounded to the nearest thousand or million dollars, this transaction would not alter the financial statements at all. With respect to detailed substantive testing, a round number analysis could be run against the financial statement line items that use significant accounting estimates (allowances, accruals, sales returns, and so on).



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The matching principle pertains to employee commissions, staff bonuses, and any other payouts that may be made during a different time period than the one in which a sale occurred. Consider a jewelry boutique, where in February, a clerk sells a $20,000 diamond neckless to a customer on credit. Let’s assume the clerk is entitled to collect a 10% commission on the sale, which the customer ultimately pays for in April. According to accrual accounting rules, the boutique must record the $2,000 outgoing commission payout to the clerk, in its February expense reports, even though the clerk won’t pocket the money until two months later.


Firms need their own policies on whether to make these tests optional, required, or on rotation. Judgment would be needed based on the same factors and the size what is a pay stub of the various accounting estimates. Examined a data set that had the details of 2,729 purchase orders with a maximum amount of £2.4 million ($3.24 million).

  • A cash ratio lower than 1 does sometimes indicate that a company is at risk of having financial difficulty.
  • Cash purchases are recorded more directly in the cash flow statement than in the income statement.
  • AU-C Section 240.A49 states that inappropriate journal entries and other adjustments have characteristics that include the use of round numbers.
  • The CPA should verify that the data file is complete, perhaps by reconciling the transaction totals to a credible independent source.
  • For a small business, though, even rounding to the nearest thousand might significantly distort the numbers.

An income statement shows whether a company made a profit, and a cash flow statement shows whether a company generated cash. An analysis of round number transactions or balances is complicated by the fact that the round number universe includes legitimate and authentic transactions and balances. Experience has shown that round numbers are often linked to the purchase of goods or services with individual and unique features; used property, plant, and equipment purchases; and charitable or political campaign contributions.

Rounding – What is rounding?

Bankruptcy filings include details of the gifts and charitable contributions made by a company prior to bankruptcy. Walters bypassed the new automated system by manually processing her fraudulent transactions. The oddly high percentage of round number entries was a red flag that could have been spotted much earlier if overseers had known what to look for and where. Not only are the amounts easier to read, it is easier for the reader to spot a trend. For example, the Danish krone is the official currency of Denmark – one krone is divided into 100 øre, but the smallest denomination of coin is 50 øre.

Tax Filing Websites Have Been Sending Users’ Financial … – The Markup

Tax Filing Websites Have Been Sending Users’ Financial ….

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Because the figures on these financial statements can get quite high, figures are often rounded to a more suitable interval in order to emphasise the important digits and make the statements easier to read. The monetary unit principle states that you only record business transactions that can be expressed in terms of a currency and assumes that the value of that currency remains relatively stable over time. GAAP prepared financial statement, looking at inventory, for instance, you know you are looking at a dollar figure, not a number of physical units. By using an objective viewpoint when constructing financial statements, the result should be financial information that investors can rely upon when evaluating the financial results, cash flows, and financial position of an entity. Over the five-year life of the fraud (2003—2008) about 100 fictitious sales invoices were created each month.

What Is the Cash Ratio?

For example, at the end of each financial year, private limited companies must submit a profit and loss account, a balance sheet and potentially a directors’ report and auditor’s report (depending on the size of the business). All businesses should keep financial records and produce financial statements for statutory accounts and tax returns. The conservatism principle says if there is doubt between two alternatives, the accountant should opt for the one that reports a lesser asset amount or a greater liability amount, and a lesser amount of net income. Thus, when given a choice between several outcomes where the probabilities of occurrence are equally likely, you should recognize that transaction resulting in the lower amount of profit, or at least the deferral of a profit. Similarly, if a choice of outcomes with similar probabilities of occurrence will impact the value of an asset, recognize the transaction resulting in a lower recorded asset valuation.

amounts reported on financial statements are sometimes rounded to the nearest million.

In 2006, a set of 27 false invoices was created by managers who were not superusers. The invented amounts were all multiples of $5,000 with nine invoices that were multiples of $100,000 (see the chart, “Round Numbers in Satyam Computer Services Fraud”). These round amounts would have been included in a listing of 2006 sales invoices and in the accounts receivable balances for 2006—2008. Auditors, internal and external, should look for round numbers and other red flags in systems with users who can override system controls.

The Monetary Unit Principle

The FASB justifies using historical cost under the standard of objectivity. They can be rounded when it’s allowed in an explicit way by the standards you use. And such standards allow that for a better presentation when numbers are very long , however you will mention on the top of the financial statements that they are in millions of …

This process runs counter to the cash basis of accounting, where transactions are reported only when cash actually changes hands. Generally speaking, the accrual accounting method is deemed to be the superior approach for businesses seeking more accurate metrics of profitability on their income statements. For this reason, the majority of companies employ accrual accounting as their default accounting practice, even though it’s arguably more complicated and subjective than cash accounting. The income statement and the cash flow statement are two out of the three components of a financial statement, the other being the balance sheet.

Example of Rounding Amounts on Financial Statements

Similarly, a transaction would be considered material if its inclusion in the financial statements would change a ratio sufficiently to bring an entity out of compliance with its lender covenants. It specifically calculates the ratio of a company’s total cash and cash equivalents to its current liabilities. The metric evaluates company’s ability to repay its short-term debt with cash or near-cash resources, such as easily marketable securities. This information is useful to creditors when they decide how much money, if any, they would be willing to loan a company.

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